The Kundalini Manifest (uncontested)

If walls of text aren’t for you, here’s a video you can watch of my fleet completing the Kundalini Manifest.

Hey, I’m HardinSalvor. In this article, I’ll be giving recommendations and advice for completing the highsec mothership site “The Kundalini Manifest”.

I’m not going to follow my usual format here, because it does not apply well. I’d also like to remind readers that although I promise that the methods detailed below have worked for me they are by no means the only way or the best way to complete the site.

First, a word of warning. This site is both the most rewarding and the most dangerous. Be prepared to loose a ship or three. There are two reason for this: Fighter Bombers and the Remote ECM burst.

The Dangers

Fighter Bombers

Like a normal supercarrier, the mothership can launch a wing of fighter bomber drones. In incursions, these are named “Lirsautton Parachiya” (check this) These are co-ordinated high alpha ships who excel at putting large amounts of damage against BS size targets. Unfortunately, they typically attack cap chain logistics (Basilisk/Guardian) instead. While not quite so deadly against cruiser targets, the logistics ships are much weaker than any BS on the field. Although the bombers are rarely fatal by themselves, coupled with the remote ECM burst they are a major problem.

Remote ECM burst

Also like a normal supercarrier, the mothership has a remote ECM burst (link). It is an area of effect jammer with a jamming strength yet to be determined (the actual module has a strength of 15). Any shop jammed looses all locks but suffers no extra relock delay like standard ECM. This module was introduced to help break hostile repping/chains in nullsec fleet pvp. Annoyingly it does a good job breaking our repping/chains here in incursions as well. Again, while rarely fatal by itself combined with the fighter bombers it is very dangerous. This is entirely a matter of timing. For example: a bomber wing appears and takes out most of the health of a logistics ship. The other logistics start to lock him and the mothership uses a remote ECM burst. Before the friendly logistics ships can relock, the logistics under fire gets popped by a second volley from the bombers.

The Counters

Fighter Bombers

  • A large buffer tank prevents the bombers killing you in one or two volleys. Sadly, this is not always possible with common bomber targets such as logistics and scorpions.
  • A low signature radius and high speed will reduce the damage taken. Fitting an afterburner in a cruiser size ship should have a significant impact on survivability. This is highly recommended for logistics cruisers.
  • If you are in a ship that is a regular bomber target, full speed align to a celestial when a bomber wave spawns. Be ready to warp out immediately if a bomber locks you. This is a good indication that it’s about to be time to be somewhere else. Return to the site as soon as possible.
  • Use 2 anchors instead of one. One anchor orbits at around 10k and one at 50k from the Manifest, and the logistics and medium range ships can orbit the 50k anchor. This way there will be a slight delay as the bombers move into range, giving you a little extra time.
  • Logistics should fit a single kinetic/explosive hardener. Sansha do omni damage in the same way as sleepers: they deal EM/Therm damage with lasers and Kin/Exp with missiles. Since the fighter bombers use only missiles, you can tank specifically for them.

Remote ECM

  • ECCM (Electronic Counter Counter Measure) modules DO work against incursion NPC’s. For more information on fitting and using ECCM, click here. (link the word here to the ECCM page pls)
  • Unlike standard ECM, a remote ECM burst has no retargeting penalty. Fitting a sensor booster with a scan resolution script will radically improve retargeting time. However, it takes a mid slot which may be better used by fitting ECCM.
  • Be alert. Learn to notice when your targets are delocked, not when your modules turn off. Be ready to reclock at all times.

The Tactics

Killing the mothership differs from the other sites in that the objective is not to kill sansha. There are no medals awarded for killing everything you see. You win for killing the mothership: everything else is a secondary concern.

Bombers must die. An intact wave of bombers is a threat to the fleet and must be removed as soon as possible for the reasons outlined above. Full fleet damage should be applied to the bombers as soon as they spawn. A tactic sometimes used is to tag several bombers at a time and have each fleet member pick a tagged bomber and shoot it. This helps prevent idle guns and wasted missiles while new targets are being locked.

Arnon Epithalamus must die.They jam logistics ships which is bad, and they die easily. Missile battleships may want to ignore this target due to delayed damage issues, but missile cruisers and all turret ships should apply damage to these ships if they are on the field and no bombers are present. Another jamming ship to watch out for is Niarja Myelens – light drones should take this weak frigates out as fast as possible.

Outini Mesens should be managed. Outini Mesens neut heavily and warp disrupt. They will turn off active hardeners on the ship they aggress. Logistics ships can provide capacitor, so this is manageable to an extent. However, it’s important not to let a group of Outini’s gather. One can be dealt with, 2 or 3 become an issue.

Watch out for the ships mentioned above and you should have no trouble completing the site with no or minimal losses. Let the hackers deal with the rest of the Sansha and leave the fleet to focus on the manifest. This is of course a rule of thumb, and much is up to you as the FC – how many logistics do you have, how much damage are you pumping out, etc.

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  1. Phatt says:

    You know, i cried a little reading this in real life.
    (Tears of joy)

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