Nation Commander Outpost

Editors note: this article was originally written and submitted by Arazel Chainfire. This is the careful way of running the site – for the fast way, click here.

Hey, I’m Arazel Chainfire. In this article, I’ll be giving detailed instructions and advice on how to complete the incursion vanguard site “Nation Commander Outpost”.

The Planning Part


This site is typically run with 2-3 logistics, with a third only required if you want backup for a basilisk/guardian chain.


Battlecruisers/t2 cruisers should be the backbone of this fleet, with a high emphasis on shortrange. The longest range that is needed is approximately 30km, and the farthest that an incursion rat will orbit is 12km. All the incursion rats will be frigates, so webbers and target painters are highly recommended. Gun based ships are more recommended for these sites than missile based ones due to generally having better damage on frigates and instant damage application. Missile battleships are not recommended for these sites, and gun battleships should have a major selling point to get them into a fleet (eg. vindicator with web bonuses).


As usual, any ship with a high ehp will do fine as anchor. No movement is required, the anchor is only needed to give the logistics a point to orbit.

The Shooting Part

There are 4 waves that come in. In each wave, the Niarja Myelen should be primary. The trigger for the next wave is going to the last ship of one of the types at random.

Wave 1

1. 2x Niarja Myelen
2. 3x Tama Cerebellum
3. 3x Eystur Rhomben
then kill last 2 ships to spawn next wave, unless killing niarja spawns wave

Wave 2

1. Niarja Myelen
2. 4x Tama Cerebellum
3. 3x Eystur Rhomben
once again, kill last 2 ships to spawn the next wave, unless killing the niarja spawns it

Wave 3

1. 4x Tama Cerebellum
2. Sansha´s Nation Commander
then kill the last tama to sawn the next wave, unless killing the commander spawns it

Wave 4

1. Niarja Myelen
2. 6x Tama Cerebellum
3. 5x Eystur Rhomben

Renyn Metens are not required to be killed for site completion and can therefore be ignored.

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One Response to Nation Commander Outpost

  1. Rodney Edmead says:

    Very good guide. I’m new to Incursion as I am a returning player with 0.0 fleet experience I have completed x3 vanguard incursion with a FC that knew what they were doing and I am trying to learn to become and FC myself. I currently use a T2 fitted Sleipnir (all lvl 5’s) and can fly Full T2 Maelstrom BS. This guide has been a great help I’m reading them all.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again for taking time to make it!

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