How to get an invite

tl;dr – Bring a logi or something expensive, join “BTL Pub” (shield) or “BTL Armor” and “The Ditanian Fleet” (armor) and type “x (shiptype)(fitting link)(incursion constellation)”

Why is it I always seem to be the last person to be invited to a fleet? Why do I have to spend hours asking politely for an invite when so many people get invited straight away?

As one of the people usually giving out those invites, in this article I hope to answer these questions and by doing so help get you into fleets much faster.

There’s at least 3 things FC’s look for when they choose who to invite when you ask, or “x up”.

  • What you x up with.
  • Where you x up. (channels)
  • How you x up.

What you x up with is the most obvious of the three. There’s a limit to how many people there can be in a fleet, and there’s certain compositions that work well. Fly the right ships and you’ll get invited. Fly the wrong ship and no matter how persistent you are you still won’t get an invite except out of pity. What ship is the right ship? That’s a question for a whole other article, but essentially it’s T3/T2 cruiser/certain BS for vanguards, /BS/Sniper for assaults, BS/Sniper for HQ and BS for mom. Logistics are welcome in all fleets and are one of the best ships to fly if you want an invite. Faction and tech 2 variants are much preferred. A slepnir beats a hurricane, a CNR beats a raven. I understand people often don’t have the skillpoints or wallet balance to use these ships, but it’s a goal you should work towards. My one key point here is to think about what type of fleets you want to fly with, and what they need. Don’t bring a Sniper CNR and look for a vanguard fleet, or a zealot and look for an HQ fleet.

Where you x up is almost as important as what you x up with. We inhabit a dark and hostile universe and the people making fleets are aware of this (and are sometimes the alts of the people who make it dark and hostile). Every fleet member is a potential danger to the fleet, either through negligence or active deceit. Also, making money in incursions demands efficiency and the last thing an FC wants is to wait for that guy who only fit medium cap transfers to his basilisk to fly 5 jumps and refit and fly back.

As a result players have formed incursion communities. At the time of writing, the two largest and best known communities are:

BTL, comprising of the two channels “BTL Pub” and “BTL Armor”. Together these channels have almost a thousand pilots in at peak times making them the largest group of incursion runners by a fair margin. This is also where you’ll find me, HardinSalvor 🙂

“The Ditanian Fleet” – the largest incursion community other than BTL. Exclusively armor and almost exclusively vanguard-runners. If that’s what you want, you’ll find people to fly with here.

Each community much prefers to recruit fleet members from within its own ranks than from the automatically opening “incursion local” channel for the reasons outlined above. This is why you can have a great ship and still not be picked up – many fleets prefer to wait slightly longer but fly with people they know from previous experience are capable, reliable and effectively fit. By x’ing up in each community’s channel, you drastically improve your chance of getting invited.

How do you join each community? Just join the channel “BTL Pub” or “The Ditanian Fleet” and say hi. Talk in fleets, make friends and that friendship will get you more fleets.

How you x up is the step so many people fall down on. Incursion local is normally full of examples of how not to do it. The person running the fleet needs to know three things. What you are in, how it’s fit and which incursion you are in (if you are asking in incursion local you can of course ignore the last point). If your request for an invite is missing any of these things, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

How not to do it:

[09:54:37] xxxxxxxx > x
[09:55:43] xxxxxxxx > any fleet up vanguard and above

No shiptype, no fitting, not even which tanking type. No chance of an invite.

[09:56:58] xxxxxx xxxxxx > X Leeloo’s anchor (link to navy mega fit)

Better. I can see what they are flying, but I have to click the link. I’m busy running sites, I don’t want to have to do that. Other people will get invited first.

How to do it:

[09:59:53] xxx xxx > x Guardian Concordia (link to guardian fit)

Simple, gives me all the information I need, and I can check they have a sensible fit. Invite sent.

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3 Responses to How to get an invite

  1. Leeloo Alizee says:

    Ok, lets see how do you ask and what do you get

    “Amarr VG fleet need DPS and logies, X up ppl”

    Answer to this request shuld be simple “X”, so, how could ppl x up correctly for fleet if request is wrong?

    Let see how it shuld be, 1 of the examples:

    “Amarr VG fleet needs logies and DPS, x up with ship type, fitt and logies with logi lvl”

    Answer to this request will go ” X navy mega Leeloo’s anchor <—link to navy mega fitt.

    FCes, dont complain if you have x wth fitt without type of the ship, afther all, what you asked was only for "x"

    • HardinSalvor says:

      Don’t bunch FCs together. It’s my understanding (sensible) FC’s rarely ask for just an x, as in your example, for obvious reasons. A more typical request would be:

      “Need 2 DPS for VG fleet, x up with shiptypes”

      Fitting links may sometimes be neglected, but shiptypes are should almost always be asked for.

      I do agree though, if all that was asked for was an x then fair enough. That said, if all that’s being asked is an x for a VG fleet, you might want to reconsider flying with that FC 😛

      • I pretty much agree with the final statement of this.

        Even when my own alliance did their internally-coordinated incursion fleet, we still asked for ship types.

        If you’re X-ing up in public channels, the general recommendation of “X – (Shipname) – (fitting link) – (site type)” where the site type is optional when already requested by the FC is probably a good one.

        If you have a bunch of regulars where you already know the ship types and their fits, then more power to you for only requesting the X, but that’s the only situation I can see where you’d only ask for the X.

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