True Creations Research Center

Editors note: this article was originally written and submitted by StyphonUK.

True Creations Research Center

Hello everyone, I’m StyphonUK. In this article I’ll be giving a detailed overview of how to complete the incursion headquarters site “True Creations Research Center”.

N.B. This site should not be attempted with high influence

The Planning Part


This site requires a bare minimum of 11 logistics at low influence. Several of the logistics pilots need to be Logistics V due to the constant neuting on the field.  The alpha on this site is also extremely high, therefore all ECCM, propulsion and other utility mods should be replaced with shield extenders or armor plates.

Ship Types

Battleships should form the backbone of the fleet, as with all HQ sites. Due to the high alpha on this site all ships should have large buffer tanks, and ships below battlecruiser size are not recommended, except for tech 3 cruisers.

Damage vs. Sniper

The fleet needs a mix between short range, high DPS ships and long range snipers. A ratio of 2 snipers to 3 damage is suggested. Both will serve their purpose at different stages during the fight. At the start when the fleet is moving most ships will be 50Km+. When the fleet is firing on the station, the more DPS you can bring to bear the easier this site will be to manage.


Any ship with a heavy tank should be sufficient. Excellent anchors include rattlesnakes and navy scorpions. The anchor should immediately start traveling to the Shield Transfer Control Tower. Once within 20km of the Sansha’s Battle Tower, which is 15Km from the Shield Transfer Control Tower, the anchor should hold position and all other ships should then move to their optimal range on the Battle Tower.

Special Requirements

You will need 2 special ships for this.

The first is a fast ship that upon warp in will head straight to the Concord MTAC Factory and start dropping MTACs into cans, creating a stockpile of MTACs whilst the fleet travels slowly there.

The second is a ship with tractor beams to haul the cans from the Concord MTAC Factory and place the MTACs into the Shield Transfer Control Tower. The ideal ship for this is a marauder. Make sure to have a second ship on standby just in case.

Before you can destroy the station you need to disable the Shield Transfer Control Tower. This is done by transferring MTACs from the Concord MTAC Factory to the Shield Transfer Control Tower. Each MTAC will disable the Shield Transfer Control Tower for 2 minutes, therefore you need to keep a constant supply of these going. As the MTACs only spawn once every 2 minutes it is necessary to build up a stockpile of these of at least 6 before you begin dropping them (see below).

Once you have your stockpile the fleet should be in position and you can start dropping the MTACs into the Shield Transfer Control Tower. If you miss even one cycle the Sansha’s Battle Tower will repair at an incredible rate, therefore It’s recommended to drop one MTAC in every one and a half minutes, just to be on the safe side. Keep collecting MTACs while you drop them, in case you need more. As soon as you drop the first MTAC the whole fleet should fire on the tower and continue firing even when more ships spawn. The only ships which the fleet should switch off the tower to shoot are:

  • Outuni Mesen (full fleet target)
  • Niarja Myelen (cruiser an/or drone target)

The Shooting Part

Unlike other incursions there are no waves or triggers as such, but groups of hostiles that need to be managed. Unless specified otherwise it is very important to leave 1 of each type of ship alive. If you shoot all of one type of ship then the entire group will respawn. All groups will spawn in shortly after warp in.

Targets for full  fleet damage

  1. All Outuni Mesens
  2. All but one Deltole Tegmentum

On destruction of all full fleet damage targets, new targeting order follows.

Targets for sniper ships

  1. All Yulai Crus Cerebi

N.B. Sniper targets will not respawn at all. You can kill all Yulai Crus Cerebi.

Targets for damage ships

  1. All but one Intaki Colliculus
  2. All but one Ostingele Tectum

On destruction of all sniper and damage targets, new fleet targets follow. These targets will constantly respawn must be managed, only shooting them if more than one appears on the field. Targets are listed in priority order.

  1. Niarja Myelen (cruiser and/or drone target)
  2. Mara Paleo (fleet target)
  3. Schmaeel Medulla (cruiser and/or drone target)

These targets will constantly respawn and can be safely ignored.

  • Renyn Meten
  • Romi Thalamus
  • Auga Hypopisis

Even when successfully keeping one of each type of battleship alive, new waves will spawn. Most of these waves can be ignored unless the incoming damage becomes a problem for the logistics. The ships from these waves which should not be ignored are the following.

  • Outuni Mesen (full fleet target)
  • Niarja Myelen (cruiser and/or drone target)

Once the tower has been destroyed the remaining ships will not warp out. However, new ships will no longer spawn. You will need to kill the remaining scramblers before the fleet can safely warp out. Scrambling ships in this site are:

  • Outuni Mesen
  • Deltole Tegmentum
  • Auga Hypophysis
  • Schmaeel Medulla

Once these ships have been destroyed, the fleet can align to the next site and the fleet commander can fleet warp everyone out.

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