Armor Logistics 101

Editors note: this article was originally written by Jinn Rho. Also, what on earth is the plural for Oneiros? -_-

So you want to become a logistics pilot and fly a Guardian and/or Oneiros? That’s cool, but there are several things you need to know before stepping into the big logi shoes of the fleet.


Every logistics pilot should have Targeting V and Multitasking III trained to target 10 pilots at once. You should have all the major logistics skills at level IV or V. This includes skills that influence capacitor, powergrid, cpu, drones, and remote repair. Having Logistics V is not a requirement, Logistics IV is workable, but having Logistics V makes repairing less capacitor-intensive and lets you provide more means to support your fleet and fit more tank modules. Pilots with Logistics IV require more attention in terms of acheiving stability, and often have to sacrifice 1-2 slots to grid/cap soundness in order to compensate for what a Logi V pilot can fit.

Editors note: This is true of all logistics ships, not just armor logistics. Train logi V!

The Basics

Becoming a great logi pilot requires several key things:

  • Listen to the FC. Pay attention to what your FC demands of the fleet and logis in order to keep the Incursion machine running well. Rep your broadcasts and volunteer for ore-drops. Smooth operations makes more money!
  • The right modules. Tank, rep, energy transfers [guardian], ab, cap [onerios], support like tracking links and remote sensor boosters. Faction and Complex modules can be very useful as they offer lower fitting requirements and greater bonuses. Although you may be saying “nah… faction is too expensive,” keep in mind that faction gear such as the INEANM is [currently] 40m… that’s only 4 Vanguard sites.
  • Watchlist. In Vanguards, most fleets take 10-11 pilots. Every single [active] pilot needs to be placed on the watchlist, with your fellow logistics and anchor being located at the top or bottom for easy access.
  • Broadcast window. Watch it! This is what you should be looking at 90% of the time. If needed, remind your fleet to broadcast fast and once only.
  • Orbit. Once on site, locate your anchor (using your watchlist, which you have set up with the anchor at the top or bottom, right?), turn on your AB and orbit. I usually orbit at 4000m because I reach near-max velocity with an AB, making me hard for the Sansha to track. Speed tanking is very important for your relatively fragile logistics ship.
  • Press Keys F1-F4. Once you’re setup with your orbit, your cap chains, your drones, your support mods, all you have to do is pay attention. Watch both the broadcast window and watchlist and remote rep when your fleetmates need it.
  • No wardecs/looting. For the sake of the fleet, don’t rep a wartarget unless agreed before the site by the fleet/FC. If they didn’t announce it earlier, don’t rep them!

Practice makes perfect. Learn from the experiences (and horror stories) of other logistics pilots and what mods they normally fit. Learn as much as you can from Vanguard sites before you try to tackle the tougher Assault, HQ, and mom sites.

When stuff hits the fan

People disconnect from EVE all the time. When a DPS pilot does, the fleet isn’t as immediately handicapped compared to when a logi pilot disconnects. The important thing to remember is to stay calm and know your backup plan (you do have one, right?). The worst type of armor logistics ship that can disconnect is a Guardian pilot. Why? Because their chain affects other pilots, namely fellow Guardians. Thankfully, some DPS pilots carry large cap transfers on them; the majority are Maurader pilots such as the Paladin. Know which pilots in your fleet are carrying large cap transfers, so that you can transfer cap with them if your partner disconnects in order to keep repping.

Unwanted Spawns
Sometimes, DPS pilots get a little too trigger happy (or their drones get too pewpew) and extra spawns appear. This increase of incoming damage should not be taken lightly. Sometimes, full aggro goes to a pilot and as hard as you rep, their armor just keeps going lower and lower and lower. This is the time to overheat your reps in order to spew more hp/s onto their hulls. Cycle those overheated modules only a few times: do not burn out your modules! After the site, remember to repair your heated modules with either a station repair or nanite repair paste, and tell the FC that you are doing so.

Popped pilots
Hopefully this situation won’t happen to you, but occasionally it happens. When a pilot pops for one reason or another, just remain calm and don’t warp off. Leaving your fleet high and dry will get you blacklisted and banned, and it’s just a jackass thing to do. Listen to your FC. Once again: do not warp off unless ordered!

Vanguards (VG)

The average fleet size for a VG site is 10-11 pilots (10 being the max Incursion payout, often 11 in order to blitz through VGs faster, whilst having a minimal penalty to isk/lp.)

Armor Vanguard fleets combine logis in one of three ways:

  • 3 Guardians,
  • 3 Oneiros (ideal)
  • 2 Guardians + 1 Oneiros.

Notably, Oneirios’s are more popular in Vanguards than Guardians because of tracking link bonuses and a larger drone bay.

3 Guardians. If some of you are blessed with Logistics V, you’ve opened up some great opportunities for your fleet. Logi V pilots only require 1 cap xfer in order to be stable. The other cap xfer can be feed cap to DPS ships who require it. If feeling generous, that same pilot could constantly feed cap-hungry Amarr ships such as Navygeddons, Abaddons, and Bhaalgorns.

3 Oneiros. Lazy mode on! Properly fit, the Oni is cap stable by itself, meaning no fussing about getting those cap chains up. A typical Oni pilot will have 1-3 tracking links making your fleet even deadlier by increasing its ability to project damage onto smaller targets. Three oneiros’s with three tracking links each gives tracking bonuses to every DPS pilot.

2 Guardians + 1 Oneiros. This setup allows you to combine the bonuses of each ship when one or both Guardians are logi V.  By having one guardian constantly feed cap to the Oni, he is able to fit an AB and 4 tracking links (or even 5 tracking links) in his midlsots, providing bonuses for many DPS pilots (who will love you long time).

Remember to keep a cool composure and lead by example, i.e. don’t spam “need armor” and yell over comms “OMGZ I need reppppss!” Just chill out, relax, make ISK, talk about wutevs, and have fun!

Before going into sites, each logistics pilot should determine each other’s level and form chains as needed. Remember, a Logi IV Guardian must receive 2 capxfers, and a Logi V Guardian only needs 1 capxfer. Oneiros pilots should be stable. Also, if your logistics ship has support modules such as tracking links and remote sensor boosters, determine which fleet members you’re going to boost. With tracking links, generally, battleship-class ships could use tracking speed scripts, while cruiser-class ships could use optimal scripts. If you are not sure which pilot could use which script, just ask!

A channel devoted to logistics is not necessary because there are only three pilots. Setup your watchlist to first have the other logistics pilots and the anchor, then fill the rest. You should be able to have all active pilots on your watchlist. Likewise, logistics ships are able to target 10 pilots, so you should have Targeting V+ Multitasking III trained enough to be able to target that many.

Once your fleet arrives at the site’s gate, it is polite (and often required) for logistics to X up, signifying that you are ready to enter the site. Follow the anchor into the site and once inside, locate your anchor and begin to orbit him/her; a small orbit between 500m-5000m is good. 99% of the time the anchor should be primaried first and will be taking heavy damage from Sansha. Immediately target him and start throwing reps on him. In the short few seconds to follow, begin locking up all other fleet members.If you have support modules, start activating them now.

When everything is setup and running, all you have to do is pay attention to the FC, the watchlist, and broadcasts. Throw reps on pilots when they start dipping into armor, even if they forgot to broadcast for it. Once the initial heavy damage dissipates as each logi adds their reps, you are able to turn off some of your reps in preparation of the new broadcasts to follow soon.

When your fleet finds its groove in the right balance between logistics support, hard DPS, and webs, and bonuses, sites will melt like freshly buttered pancakes in the hot July summer. Typically in an optimized fleet, Vanguard sites each take between 3-8 minutes. Optimized blitzing fleets can tackle 12 sites or more in an hour.

Assaults, HQs, Moms, and you.

Only take on these fleets when you have had ample experience running VG logistics. Often, these sites need 6-12 logistics pilots (the mom needing 12-20 logis). Add other logistics pilots and anyone else the FC may want placed on that list, such as the DPS-anchor or Scorpions

For these types of fleets, a dedicated logistics channel is required. If you are experienced enough and know your facts, often speaking up and taking initiative gives you the Logistics Commander (LC) role. The LC’s job is to ensure the logistics wing operates smoothly. This is a critical role, as failure can mean the loss of the fleet. To learn more about logistics commanders, click here (coming soon).

Mothership Tactics

It is vital you listen to the directions of both the FC and LC (Logi Commander). Often, there will be both a DPS-anchor and a Logi-anchor. Make sure you are always orbiting the logi-anchor. Keep your cap partner(s) and the logi-anchor on your watchlist as primary. Add other logistics pilots and anyone else the FC may want placed on that list, such as the DPS-anchor or Scorpions.

The most important thing to be aware of is the Lirsautton Parichaya’s (fighter-bombers).

The FC will announce when bombers spawn, at which point you as a logistics pilot need to be pay attention to your overview. These bombers are able to instapop logistics not specifically tanked to survive them . Please be aware of when these spawn and where your closest warp-to is. If you do warp off, be sure to warp back into the site as soon as possible and re-establish your cap chains.

Just like VG sites, each logistics pilot needs watch the broadcast window. Your watchlist should be populated with your immediate cap partners and the anchor. Keep calm and remember that these types of sites are basically VGs, only tougher.

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  1. kranky says:

    Do me a favor lovely, jank it on the forum also?


  2. Asmudeus says:

    Slight error there, Multitasking 3 is enough to be able to target 10 people at the same time.

  3. Leeloo Alizee says:

    Things changed, guardians are not wellcome animore in VG sites. While in assult and HQ, guardian support is more than welcomed, in VG sites cap bonuses becomed useless. 3X oneiros with 2-3 TL fited on each, can cover whole fleet with tracking bonuses, and that means more ISK/time. Allso since oneiros have bigger drone bay, can fit 5 light armor maintenance drones for emergency in blitzing OTA and 5 small scout drones, to assist DPS pilot when contestinc NCO. AB on oneiros is not needed, slowboating to the rafinery or droping lyvite is more than enough speed, and even if ore dropper gets agro, fleet have enough range to shoot sansha, they have TL on them.

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