Provisional Headquarters

Hey, I’m HardinSalvor. In this article, I’ll be giving detailed instructions and advice on how to complete the incursion headquarters site “True Power Provisional Headquarters”.

The Planning Part


This site is typically run with a varying minimum between 8 logistics at low influence and 10 logistics at high influence.

NB: The first and second pockets are low on incoming fire compared to the Nation Rebirth Facility. As such, it is possible to run the first 2 rooms of the site with just 7 logistics while you wait/search for more logistics.


Battleships should form the backbone of the fleet, as with all HQ sites. Nightmares and Machariels will excel in these sites. Tech 3 ships, faction cruisers and field command ships are also solid options for both tackle and medium size dps roles. HAC’s can also serve this purpose, but ships with low ehp like the Cerberus will need to be quick to broadcast.

Sniper vs Damage

This site has relatively few sniper targets. A ratio of 1 sniper ship to 2 damage ships is recommended.


A tech 3 cruiser with an afterburner is an ideal anchor. They are likely to be among the fastest ships in the fleet and have excellent resistances. Because the acceleration gate is classed as a LCO it will not appear on the overview until pocket completion and is not easily visible. Ships approaching it will stop moving on pocket completion as the acceleration gate is respawned. Therefore having the fleet approach or keep at range from a tech 3 ship while that ship moves towards the gate can make things simpler. Once the fleet enters the third pocket, the tech 3 can slowly coast towards the mobile headquarters while the rest of the fleet orbits.

Special Requirements

While not required for site completion, I highly recommend all battleships and battlecruisers have a propulsion module fitted. The fleet will need to travel about 60km between acceleration gates twice. With no propulsion module, this is about 20 minutes of total travel time for battleships. The fleet can only complete the site as fast as the majority of ships can get to the next acceleration gate.

The Shooting Part

Pocket 1

Targets for full fleet dps:

  1. Outuni Mesen
  2. Vylade Dien (Note: some ships may need to skip to 3 due to range)
  3. Auga Hypothosis
  4. All Ostingele Tectums

Targets for light drones:

  1. All Schmaeel Medullas
  2. All Tama Cerebellums
  3. All Renyn Metens

Pocket 2

Targets for damage:

  1. Deltole Tegmentum
  2. Auga Hypophysis
  3. All Ostingele Tectums
  4. All Romi Thalamus

Targets for snipers:

  1. Mara Paleo
  2. All Antem Neos

Targets for light drones:

  1. All Schmaeel Medullas
  2. All Renyn Metens

Pocket 3, Wave 1

Targets for full fleet dps:

  1. Mara Paleo
  2. 3 of 4 Ostingele Tectum
  3. All Romi Thalamus
  4. Final Ostingele Tectum

Targets for light drones:

  1. All Tama Cerebellums
  2. All Eystur Rhombens

Pocket 3, Wave 2

  1. All Deltole Tegmentums
  2. Intaki Colliculus
  3. 3 of 4 Ostingele Tectums
  4. Romi Thalamus
  5. 4th Ostingele Tectum

Targets for light drones:

  1. All Schmaeel Medullas
  2. All Tama Cerebellums

Pocket 3, Wave 3

Targets for full fleet dps:

  1. All Arnon Epithalamus
  2. All Outuni Mesens

On destruction of the Outuni Mesen, new targeting order follows.

Targets for full fleet dps:

  1. Vylade Dien
  2. All Antem Neos
  3. All Yulai Crus Cerebi

All ships should attempt to kill the above targets. Individual pilots should switch to the Ostingele once the above targets are out of their effective range.

Targets for light drones:

  1. All Schmaeel Medullas

Once the third pocket has been completed, the mobile headquarters will respawn and become vulnerable. Destroy the mobile headquarters to complete the site.

NB: the mobile headquarters has more armor than shields and more structure than armor. Don’t be fooled by fast initial progress. Although it’s much weaker than a POS, the mobile headquarters will take several minutes to be destroyed.

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