Override Transfer Array

Editors note: this article was originally written and submitted by Arazel Chainfire and Kithran. For the brief version, click here.

Hey, I’m Arazel Chainfire. In this article, I’ll be giving detailed instructions and advice on how to complete the incursion vanguard site “Override Transfer Array”

The Planning Part


This site is typically run with 2-3 logistics. Due to heavy neuting and high dps, 3 logistics are recommended, unless there is a mindlinked shield/armor booster supporting the fleet. Even with a fleet booster, at high levels of influence, 3 logistics are still recommended.


Recommended shiptypes for these sites are battlecruisers and t2 cruisers, though this is also the best vanguard site to have battleships in. This site constains logistics arrays therefore having a hacker with the fleet will make the site go smoother. They can be completed without a hacker, but the extra repping from the logistics towers will mean it takes a bit longer.


Any ship with a high ehp will do fine. No movement is required, the anchor is only to give the logistics a point to orbit.

Special Requirements

The site can be completed without a hacker, but having one may make the site go faster. Hostile remote repair structures will be a serious issue for fleets with low damage.

The Shooting Part

Wave 1

Targets for full fleet dps:

  1. All Auga Hypophysis
  2. Deltole Tegmentum.

Killing either may trigger a new wave.

Wave 2 and Wave 3 are exactly the same as Wave 1. Just repeat this procedure.

Ships to Ignore:

  1. Mara Paleo – they remote repair but the amount is insignificant compared to the logistics control arrays. They are also the primary repair target for the logistics control arrays.
  2. Eystur Rhomben – these will respawn indefinitely and warp out on completion of site.
  3. Tama Cerebellum – these will warp out on site completion. If incoming dps becomes a concern, killing Tama’s may be practical./li>

Upon killing the 3rd Deltole Tegmentum the site will be completed and the Eystur Rhomben’s and Tama Cerebellums will warp out.

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4 Responses to Override Transfer Array

  1. darth nefarius says:

    What about the latest drama with shields killing the MOM near Jita before the agreement stated they could?

    • HardinSalvor says:

      Approving this for now since you deserve a reply. It wil be gone by tommorow.

      Got skype or google chat? Mail me your name on it and I’ll explain.

      But essentially, there is no drama. The caldari incursion mobilised, so shield killed it. The agreement says, very clearly, if an incursion mobilises it becomes a valid target.

  2. Vamp Zim says:

    I tried hacking the logi and it kept failing, is there a certain level of skill i need to break it or some special codebreaker?

    • HardinSalvor says:

      There’s no special codebreaker you need, a normal one should do the trick. As for skill level I couldn’t say for certain but I’d be very suprised if lvl4 wasn’t enough.

      It’s worth mentioning that most fleets dont use a hacker any more, they just use webs and DPS to blitz through.

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