Sansha Ships 101

Editors note: this article was originally written and submitted by StyphonUK

To be able to call targets efficiently you need to know what each enemy ship does.
Below I have the ships you encounter on a day-to-day basis as an FC. Memorize
what each one does and you’ll be able to determine which is the most dangerous
for any given circumstance. The ships are listed in alphabetical order for ease of

Sansha Shiptypes

Antem Neo [cruiser]: These ships are long range snipers. They sit up to 150Km away from
the fleet and do a moderate amount of DPS.They are cruiser sized and have high resistances, requiring roughly as much damage to kill as a Yulai Crus Cerebi.

Arnon Epithalamus [cruiser]: These ships are electronic warfare cruisers. Their closest
equivalent is recon ships. They jam and scram, making them very dangerous to the
logistics cap chain. They also put out some DPS.

Auga Hypophysis [cruiser]: They scram and web as well as providing quite a lot of DPS but are fairly easy to kill, making them a good choice of target.

Deltole Tegmentum [battleship]: They fire Banshee Torpedo’s, doing an average amount of DPS. They also have medium neutralizers and scrams and target painters. They have an average tank.

Eystur Rhomben [frigate]: These ships are especially good at killing drones. They have an
average tank but fly exceedingly fast. They have a high DPS for a frigate.

Intaki Colliculus [battleship]: The ships are at the lower end of the Sansha’s ships for DPS and tank, firing cruise missiles. However they provide some logistics support to other
Sansha’s ships. One thing to note is their small signature radius, which falls roughly between a cruiser and battleship.

Mara Paleo [cruiser]: These ships fill a logistics role in the Sansha’s fleets. They have high
resistances and provide a small amount of reps to the enemy ships.

Niarja Myelen [frigate]: These ships are ewar frigates. They jam and neut, making them
exceedingly dangerous to Logistics cap chains. Luckily they don’t do any DPS and
they have virtually no tank.

Ostingele Tectums [battleship]: They put out the most DPS of any Sansha ship. They also have an above average tank, making them difficult to kill.

Outuni Mesen [battleship]: These ships are ewar battleships. They web, scram and neut heavily. They also put out a small amount of DPS and have an average tank. They
are highly dangerous to all ships and are often the primary target.

Renyn Meten [frigate]: These ships are at the bottom scale of the Sansha’s ships. They
provide very little DPS and have a small tank. The only thing of note is that they also web ships.

Romi Thalamus [cruiser]: These ships fill a middle of the road role in Sansha fleets.
They provide an average amount of DPS and have an average tank for a cruiser.
They are completely unremarkable.

Sansha’s Nation Commander [frigate]: These ships are command ships that boosts the
enemy fleet as well as scramming. It has a soft tank but puts out a lot of DPS.

Schmaeel Medulla [frigate]: These ships are tacklers. They web and scram whilst doing a small amount of DPS. They only have a small tank but they do go exceedingly fast,
meaning most ships will have to web them before being able to hit them.

Tama Cerebellum [frigate]: These ships are stealth bombers. They scram targets and fire
torpedoes, making them very dangerous. They have a soft tank but are often the
target of enemy remote reps.

Vylade Dien [cruiser]: These ships are command ships. They provide boosts to the entire enemy fleet whilst also having one of the highest resistances and tanks of the
Sansha’s ships. While the nature of the boost is still unclear, its thought that they increase Sansha resistances.

Yulai Crus Cerebi [battleship]: These ships are long range snipers. They orbit at up to
120Km away and do an above average amount of DPS. They have a reasonable
amount of tank but are otherwise unremarkable.

I’ve seen a lot of bad fleet commanders flying in incursions. Most people think that
just like missions you can read and follow the guides written by myself and fellow
FCs and you’ll be fine. Unfortunately with Incursions that’s simply just not the case.
Incursions have been compared to PVP quite a lot and it’s true, they are the closest
to PVP you can get whilst still PVE’ing in EVE. Another aspect that’s similar to PVP
is the way you FC the sites.

Although the guides are a good start there is no one way to FC a single site. There
are random triggers in some and it’s not going to hurt you too much if you stray a
little from the guide in others. They are only guides after all. But some FC’s are
becoming dependent on these guides and that’s dangerous.

Being a good FC isn’t about knowing how to run a site when everything is going
well. It’s about knowing what to do when things go wrong. You need to be able
to analyse the situation quickly, keep cool, and most importantly keep your fleet cool.
The first thing that will happen when something goes wrong is everyone will start
panicking and talking over coms. As an FC you need to take control, shut everyone
up and start calling targets in a cool, efficient manner. If you show confidence in
your abilities others will follow your lead.

With this guide I hope you can become a better FC. Full details of all known ship
statistics can be found here.

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  1. Michael Smith says:

    Very helpful guide, thanks!

  2. General Khirgan says:

    I know there’s a lot of people that really appreciate this work. Thanks very much.

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