Nation Mining Colony

Editors note: this article was originally written and submitted by Arazel Chainfire and Kithran.

Hey, I’m Arazel Chainfire. In this article, I’ll be giving detailed instructions and advice on how to complete the incursion vanguard site “Nation Mining Colony”.

The Planning Part:


This site is can be run with 2 logistics, with a third only needed if you want backup for a basilisk/guardian chain or as a safety measure in case 1 logistics ship disconnects. Most fleets run with 3 logistics because they also run OTA’s.


Like all vanguard sites, Nightmares, Bhaalgorns, Vindicators and Machariels are popular faction choices. Slepnirs are probably the most cost-effective. T3 cruisers and DPS HACs like the Zealot can be effective. Hurricanes are probably the cheapest ship you can bring while still significantly contributing. Target Painters and Stasis webifiers are highly recommended, especially if you are bringing several battleships. ECM is largely useless: if tanking is an issue, add a third logi instead for the links/cap transfer.


Any battleship should be sufficient as an anchor – use the battleship with the highest ehp. If mining needs to be done, the anchor should be moving towards the lyavite asteroid. If there is already lyavite in the fleet (which is a much more efficient way to run these sites), then move towards the asteroid colony (not the refinery). This is where the can for placing the ore will spawn.

Special Requirements:

255 units of lyavite need to be dropped into the can to complete the site. There is an asteroid containing this ore within the site, approx 80km from where the can for dropping it will spawn. If you don’t already have the ore collected, mining drones and travel time will be required.

Please note: mining the lyavite will cause a spawn of 2 frigates and a Raa Thalamus followed by 3 Eystur Rhomben. If you need to mine the ore, it is recommended you leave 1 Rhomi Thalamus alive from the first spawn and kill the 2 additional waves caused by mining before continuing.

The Shooting Part:

Wave 1

Targets for Damage Ships
1. Schmaael Medula
2. All Romi Thalamus (last one to die is the trigger)

Wave 2

1. All Niarja Myelen
3. Tama Cerebellum (last one to die is the trigger)

Wave 3

  1. All Niarja Myelen
  2. Romi Thalamus. The can you will drop the ore into spawns once the Romi is dead.
  3. All Tama Cerebellum

The site will be completed upon delivering 255 units of Lyavite to the can. You can ignore the Mara Paleo unless its remote repairing becomes an issue.

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3 Responses to Nation Mining Colony

  1. Andrew says:

    Can you comment on mining the site after its complete? I’m not sure what kind of orca tank is required, and if the respawns are indefinite, or a single respawn. Thanks

  2. StyphonUK says:

    As far as I’ve seen it’s only a single spawn. Be careful though as random spawns have been known to happen if people stay in sites after they’ve been completed.

  3. brad says:

    the mineral despawns after drop. so all mining has to be done before then. there’s only one spawn with really bad tank. and one or two more spawns of estyurs who are dangerous

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