Vanguard Blitzing Specifics

Editors note: This was originally written and submitted by Ammzi

Override Transfer Array

The override transfer array used to be a big pain in the ass the first few months of incursions. After the fleets really began to become efficient and recently with the buff made by CCP of the OTA, these can be done in less than 4 min.

The strategy (must have 3 very trusted and efficient logistics with a heavy amount of DPS):

  • Warp the fleet in and primary the Deltole Tegmentum.
  • Tag 2 of the Tama Cerebellums that will spawn a short time afterwards and let the fleet lock them up and web them.
  • Once Deltole is down, kill the tamas and tag the Auga Hypophisis that have spawned 60-80 km away from the fleet.
  • Once the 2 Tamas and 2 Augas are down there is a 50-50 chance that a 3rd wave will spawn. If the 3rd wave does not spawn you will primary the Deltole.
  • When the 3rd wave spawns, primary the Deltole Tegmentum that has spawned together with the 3rd wave. Pop it and warp off.

As you can imagine, this strategy is risky because of the high amount of DPS you allow on the field. It is perfectly doable though. You can even let the primaries be Deltole->Deltole->Deltole and never primary any of the Augas – bringing the hostile DPS at almost a maximum.

Nation Mining Colony

Always have the ships in your fleet filled with lyavite so you can continue dropping ore without having to go pick more up or needing to mine. Depending on how quick your dedicated ore-runner is you can do this in 2 different ways.

1st strategy (if the ore dropper is slower than 900 m/s):

Warp in your fleet and let them all orbit an anchor while the anchor is slow-boating towards the Asteroid Colony where the cargo container will spawn.

  • If you have a few long range DPS, let them primary the Mara Paleo, if not ignore it.
  • The rest of the fleet will primary the Schmael Medula and afterwards the Romi Thalamus in a tagged order.
  • Once the 4th Romi pops, 2nd wave will spawn. Primaries are here only Niarjas and Tamas. At some point you will want your ore-dropper to position himself/herself at the Asteroid Colony.
  • Once the last Tama is dead the final wave will spawn. Full fleet primary are Niarjas, followed by the Romi Thalamus and then Tamas. Let short range DPS hit the Tamas while the Romi is getting closer.
  • Pop the Romi, drop the ore and warp off.

The reason you will want your fleet to follow the ore-dropper is because the risk of a spawn attacking the ore-dropper who will be 50-60 km away from the main fleet when he/she is in position, thereby totally eliminating the possibility for short range DPS to hit anything and slowing your fleet down.

2nd strategy (if the ore dropper is quicker than 900 m/s):

Here you can let your fleet stand still instead of moving. The primaries are still the same and the ore-dropper can run for the Asteroid Colony once the 3rd wave has arrived.

The difference between these two strategies is really the tracking of your pilots. It might be a bit worse when they are orbiting the anchor, and therefore making them follow/keep at range of the anchor might be better.

Nation Commander Outpost

This should not need much explanation. Primaries are prioritized from left to right.


And that’s it! I strongly suggest having dedicated webbers in fleet with bonuses to the range of the webifiers if your fleet is battleship heavy.

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Vanguard Blitzing Overview

Editors note: this article was originally written and submittted by Ammzi

If you’ve come to learn how to FC vanguard fleets, or to improve on your current skills,  then you’ve come to the right place. While most people agree that vanguards are the easiest incursion sites to FC (well, except scouts) it does take a great deal of experience to run them efficiently and achieve an income of 70-120 mil/hour.

Now this will be a rather extensive article, so make sure you have some time on your hands and keep in mind that this is EVE: most come here to relax and have fun, so lets try and deliver that to the incursion runners.

The job of the Fleet Commander basically boils down to keeping the fleet running smoothly, avoiding catastrophes and directing them to where most ISK/fun can be found. Part of that is finding a good location to stage the fleet and form up. Usually this will be at a vanguard system on a planet or another celestial that is easily accessible. Especially keep in mind of the amount of pilots in local, having more than 3 competing fleets in a vanguard system will affect your income. So pick a constellation/system with a minor amount of pilots and begin gathering your fleet there until you are ready to roll out.

Different sites and fleet composition

It goes without saying you must know all the site triggers, waves, etc by heart. I need to be able to wake you up 3 AM and ask about the site triggers of an NCO and you answering right away. So look at the walkthroughs of the sites and learn them. You will thank yourself later.

Now to the hard part: the fleet composition. OTA’s (long/short range) have battleships and cruisers on grid and are therefore great for fleets with a majority of battleships in fleet and less suited for lighter fleets. NMC’s (long/short range) have a lot of cruisers, but ton of frigates as well and the NCO’s (short range) are purely frigates and close range.

What you need to be able to do is perfectly balance out your fleet with short/long-range, webifiers, DPS, logistics. Make sure to read through the fittings of pilots before you invite them to your fleet. An overtanked ship is useless for your fleet if it has low dps and can’t contribute webs/painters/remote sebo’s etc.
The more battleships you have in fleet, the more webifiers you need added to be able to do sites such as the NCO and NMC that have a ton of frigates. Long range webifiers such as the bhaalgorn, loki, rapier and huginn are a great  help to a battleship heavy fleet. Offgrid boosters with interdiction maneuver links will also greatly improve your fleet’s ability to handle frigates.

10-11 man fleets, 2-3 logistics?

When forming up the fleet you have a choice to run an 11-man fleet with a minor reduced payout. This can be an advantage and a disadvantage. Yes, you will have a reduced payout (750.000 ISK less per site), but on the other hand, you will be able to fit more DPS into the fleet and be able to run the sites a bit quicker, which could even that out. It is also an advantage if finding replacements takes more time than you’d like – you can run with 10 again while you find the 11th.

Now while I definitely recommend 3 logistics for armor fleets, shield fleet commanders have the choice of having 2 or 3 logistics when running sites. Personally I recommend 3 logistics.

  • The issues with losing a logistic for a DC (disconnect) are greatly minimized when having 3 logistics in your fleet. With two logistics, if one disconnects and the other is primaried, there is no-one to rep him. Having 3 logistics avoids this.
  • Pilots will be more willing to refit for a lower ehp fit with more damage modules in the lows and more e-war on the med slots.
  • With 3 logistics you are able to blitz the OTA’s by only killing 2 augas, 2 tamas and 3 deltoles thereby ignoring and effectively tanking the remaining DPS, achieving a very short site completion timer

Nonetheless, this should not prevent you from choosing to have 2 logistics (as a shield fleet) if you are convinced the pilots do not have disconnect issues and are experienced and good logistic pilots. You can even have your basilisks setup a 5-1 setup (5 shield transporters and 1 energy transfer) if they are logistics V.

Use your fleet properly

Look at your fleet and learn how to use their advantages to make the sites run quicker. If you have long range DPS, kill the Mara Paleo in the NMC so it won’t RR Sansha. If you have ships with AB’s/MWD’s equip them with 255 unites of Lyavite and make them run for the asteroid colony so they can drop the ore in as soon as the Romi Thalamus of the last wave pops. If you have vindicators or similar webbing ships let them take care of the Tamas in the OTA and let the rest of your fleet focus at the deltole/augas. Make sure your logistics have remote sensor boosters or remote tracking links to boost the efficiency of your battleships.

In addition make sure your pilots have their EVE client set up according to what their task is. Logistics should keep everyone on watchlist. The FC  should as well to see who is not on-grid yet and why that person isn’t. One of the most important factors is to have all DPS in your fleet add the velocity or transversal velocity column to their overview so they can read which frigates have been webbed and are ready to be taken down.

Make sure you have tagged the targets in the various sites (except NCO) so your fleet won’t have to wait for you and waste valuable time. For example, remind your fleet of locking up tamas when they appear in the OTA so the battleships won’t waste 10 seconds before they can start adding damage to those pesky frigates.

If you know your fleet can’t do the NCO’s quick enough because a lack of webs, then don’t do them. Do the sites that assure a smooth and easy completion. There’s nothing worse than having your fleet trying to take down the last Eystur in the NCO, but no one is able hit it…


Keep your fleet on the run

This is probably one of the key elements in a quick fleet. Keep your fleet moving! This will save you up to minute on each site if you have your fleet aligned and ready to warp as soon as the payout has been put out. Broadcast a site, tell everyone to align and pull in drones. Wait for the last few Sansha to pop and then warp when the “site completion” message pops up. Why would anyone ever want to sit and wait for people to pull in drones and align before warp? Screw that, keep your fleet moving.

This is particularly essential in the NMC. When your fleet lands in the site, make them orbit an anchor and let the anchor head for the spawn-location of the can. At some point halfway through the site, let the pilot with the Lyavite burn towards where the can will be and have them ready to dump the ore in. Get the fleet aligned once the Romi Thalamus and all the Tama’s are dead. With a balanced fleet NMC’s should take no longer than 5 minutes between payouts.

With a quick fleet the chance of warping into a site before the logis are ready / on-grid grows. Therefore it is a good idea to have the logis they an L, or “L-up” in fleet chat when they are on grid at the acceleration gate. You can also simply have them broadcast in position or similar when they are good to go.

Tell the pilots in your fleet to announce their departure 2-3 sites before they are leaving so you have enough time to find a replacement or plan a bio/break and keep the fleet at sufficient numbers.

To read more specifics on how to blitz each particular vanguard fleet, click here.

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Live Events 101

Editors note: live events are back! If you don’t know what a live event is, you need to read this right now.

This document may change frequently and without notice because CCP are gigantic trolls and change the way live events work constantly. It is intended for maximum distribution with emphasis on BTL Pub.

Live Events 101

What is a live event?

A live event is a spawn of sansha NPC’s controlled by a CCP Dev. They will appear from a wormhole and will last for at least one hour. They often appear and leave without warning. They are rare and extremely fun.

You may see coloured text in fleet and local – these are CCP Dev’s roleplaying as characters.

What do I bring?

Scimitar > Basilisk > Field Command Ships > T1 Battleships > T1 Battlecruisers

Turret ships > Missile and drone ships. These NPC’s are very weak and missiles may not have time to impact and apply damage before the target is destroyed. Missiles and drones may be focused onto the supercarrier – listen to your FC.

How do I fit?

Fit the same as for a mothership fleet.

What tactics will be used?

If you’ve been in a mothership fleet, you should be set for a live event.

  • Targets will be tagged. There may be multiple primaries – just pick one and shoot it.
  • 3 anchors will be used. One (DDD) will orbit at point blank from the hostiles, two (LLL) will maintain 25-50k seperation. If range allows, use LLL’s.
  • Turn brackets and effects off or you may experience significant lag.
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Logistics [IC]

Editors note: This article was copied with permission from the author. The original can be found at this excellent blog. If you’re after a more serious and indepth look at logistics you can find one here. But I think an IC post makes a nice change in an otherwise dull website.

Mindful of  his promises he called Kaylaigh to come visit and set up a small display for the next chat.  He also laid out some food and made a large pot of coffee.  Well, he thought about that, give him some credit.  The coffee shop delivered and he was very thankful that they did so.

“Well,” he said once the niceties were done with. “Today I thought we might talk about logistics, or Logis as some call them.”

“These will get picked up for fleets?”

“Well, there is always the chance that either no fleets are forming or that they already have pilots but yeah.  If I really want work then I bring a logi.  I flew one earlier this evening, just to make sure of some last minute details and to take some notes for you.  Now, let us start at the beginning and then go on towards the end.”

K smiled and leaned back, letting the ‘professor’ side of Mikes personality take the stage.

“Fittings come first, along with training.  It don’t take a ton of skills to fly a logi but ya do need ta be at least logi IV and preferably V, just for the best use of power and fittings.  I expect someone could plug a fitting like this one… “  He keyed up a ship fitting for a Basilisk

[Basilisk, Mike]

4x Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter
2x Large Partial E95c Power Conduit

2x Invulnerability Field II
Large Shield Extender II
Photon Scattering Field II
Remote Sensor Booster I

Power Diagnostic System II
Damage Control II

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Core Defence Field Extender I

5x Light Shield Maintenance Bot I

“Now understand a few tings.  One: This is what I fly because I am only logistics IV in training.  This ship would go POP in a mothership fleet if it caught the wrong attention.  For that size battle you need to drop the Sebo (sensor booster) and add in another large shield extender.  There are references for this sort of fitting advice specific to motherships but y’all can take my word for it.  Sometimes I will have mining drones if we need a bit of extra ore ta help slow down the Sansha.”

Kaylaigh downloaded the fit and nodded.  “I thought you flew Scimitars?”

“I did, I think they look prettier but once I saw how well a team of Basi’s support each other I took utility over looks.  Not that Scimi’s aren’t used, just Basi’s do better as a team and cap no longer is an issue.  Vanguard fleets are the best and they use two to three basis.”

“If two works why would anybody want three?”

“Redundancy, spare cap for other ships that eat a lot of power.  Nothing worse than being jammed as a Basi and watching a fleet die.  It is the main reason Niarjas and Arnons are primary anytime they appear on the field.”  Mike tapped a control.  ‘This is what a basic Scimi fit looks like.”

[Scimitar, Mike]

4x Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter

2x Invulnerability Field II
Large Shield Extender II
2x Cap Recharger II

3x Capacitor Power Relay II
Damage Control II

2x Medium Ancillary Current Router I

5x Light Shield Maintenance Bot I

“The problem is, unless you got a lot of training that sucker is not stable and will run out of juice right quick, so while having four reppers looks good, you cannot really use them without a lot more training.  This is why most folks prefer to see Basis.  The same story goes for the armor side.  Guardians can cap chain and so they are preferred over the Oneiros.  It all comes down to the fleet being a unified whole.  Here are the armor logis”  He tapped another key.

[Guardian, Mike]

4x Large ‘Solace’ I Remote Bulwark Reconstruction
2x Large ‘Regard’ I Power Projector

Remote Sensor Booster I
Conjunctive Radar ECCM Scanning Array I

Damage Control II
800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
Imperial Navy Armor Thermic Hardener
Armor EM Hardener II
Energized Basic Adaptive Nano Plating

Medium Anti-Kinetic Pump I
Medium Ancillary Current Router I

5x Light Armor Maintenance Bot I

[Oneiros, oh no]

4x Large ‘Arup’ I Remote Bulwark Reconstruction

4x Cap Recharger II
Conjunctive Magnetometric ECCM Scanning Array I

Damage Control II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Power Diagnostic System II
800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

2x Medium Remote Repair Augmentor I

5x Medium Armor Maintenance Bot I

“Now you notice that I don’t have any speed in these.  You are usually just flying around an anchor and so you are not called upon to git anywhere fast.  It’s better to use the mids for Sebos or other stuff that will help.”

“Target painters?”

“No.  The last ting you want to be doing is targeting the enemy, might accidentally rep them . . . that is considered a ‘bad ting’.  Now one special ting you should know is these are considered starter fits.  A couple of days with good fleets and a lot of the modules are gonna be upgraded ta ‘Imperial Navy’ or some other more expensive type.”

“That could be expensive.”

“Get in a good fleet . . . hell even get in an average fleet and you will haul down a lot of ISK.  You can pay for the ship and fittings in a trio of hours and you can be pimping it out right quick if you know what you are doing.  While I was running the practice last night we were averaging about 9.8 mill every 12 minutes.  We woulda been faster but there was competition for some sites.”


“Ah, now that brings us to the more important part of this lil chat . . . the flying part.”  Mike poured a fresh coffee.  “This is more important than this fitting or that.  A good ship is worthless if the person in the pod doesn’t know how ta use it.  Worse, if it is a logi it may cost a fleet a lot more than just one ship, a “failcascade” is a horrible thing to see.  I asked, last night, what folks wanted to see in a logi pilot.  The FC, Rasmyster, was kind enough to take us to a planetary orbit just so folks could answer a few questions for me.  The first answer they gave was they want a logi pilot with good reactions.”


Mike chuckled.  “I’ll get there.  So you gots a good ship, and the skills to fly it.  Now what?  You go looking for an incursion usin the neocomm.  (Journal->Incursion->Global Report)  You fly into the area in your shiny new ship and a new channel automatically.  Me I only look at that one occasionally . . . I always go to “BTL PUB” first.  The folks there seem to be serious about their shield fleets and I find regulars I can trust.”

“What about Armor?”

“I use “The Ditanian Fleet” channel for that.  I also have a time zone specific channel I keep to, just so I find folks who play the same time I do.  So you want to be in a fleet.  If you are lucky there will be folks begging for logis almost as soon as you arrive.  If not, then you put out a call. You put the word out by posting {x} {Logi} {fit} {where the incursion is} so I put out ‘x Logi, ThereThere, Caldari incursion’  Now you may think that a vanguard fleet only uses two or three logis, not gonna be a lot of openings.  But the fleet lives and dies by its logis so if one goes away the whole group is looking for a replacement.


X is an old custom of indicating you want to join something, I have no idea where it comes from. Once someone gives me an invite, I always join voice comms and also ask where the rally is.”


“Yah, where the fleet currently is flying or meeting up.  I get told and I tell them how far away I am and get my ass moving.  If they are waiting for me then I am costing them isk every extra minute it takes.  I make sure my settings on the overview are proper as I get there.  I’ll talk about overview another time if you want.  But once I get there, if they are on a gate I find out who the other logis are.  If there is just one other I make sure we have the caps set and that he or she is on the top of my watch list.  If there are two others then we set a ‘one up one down cap chain’ and make sure everybody knows where things are going.”

“Is watch list important?  Can’t you just watch for calls for reps?”

Mike shook his head.  “Used to be like that.  That is now what those guys meant by ‘good reflexes’.  Before people even notice that they are taking damage we have them targeted and shields flowing downstream.  Once the logis are on the top of the list I will set the anchor to the next spot and then fill the rest of the list with the rest of the squad.  Nice thing about Vanguard sites is that a normal size fleet will fit on your watch list so you can see everything that is happening.  As soon as someone flashes red you know they are taking incoming fire and act accordingly.”  Mike sipped his coffee.  “I have been in a fleet where there was not a single ‘call for reps’ because the logis were that damn good. You should always broadcast for reps, but it’s rarely needed in Vanguards.”  Mike looked in the distance.  “I have also been in fleet where the sky became littered with the wreckage of Basilisks one after another . . . ”


Mike shook his head.  “We were still learning and the escorts of a sansha mothership are very organized.  The alpha strike of them is scary.  Let’s see what else . . . ah, drones.  If they are out and about, keep them on a short leash and do not let them chase someone halfway across the stars.  Be ready to call them back as a site ends or they will be left behind if the FC is doing fleet warps.  Align when commanded and know the order of entry for a gate so you are neither first nor last in.  I like to put an ‘L’ up in comms to indicate that I am ready to go.  If an FC sees all the logis do the same then it saves some steps and double checking.”

“You make it sound like a lot of work.”

“A logi pilot needs to be awake, adaptable, skilled and watchful . . . he cannot leave the guns on automatic and step away ‘for a moment’.  If he wavers, there is a chance someone will die.  Given how most of the fleets are fitted out, that is not a small thing.”

“If it so hard . . .why do you do it?”

“Somebody has to.  I told you, without the logis whole fleets sit idle.  Without us the Sansha gain ground.  We aren’t flying the sexy ships . . . but we are needed.  It takes some skill, some training and a lot of patience.  I have seen a dps pilot shirk his duty.  Sometimes it takes a pair of sites for anybody to notice.  A logi pilot goofs off for one minute and there is hell to pay.  Now I have an appointment with a fleet to keep . . . what do you want me to get ready ta show ya next time?”



Seriously, if this is at all helpful . . . great.  If it sucks, let me know how I can make it suck less.

fly it like you won it

Mike Azariah

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Sansha Ships 101

Editors note: this article was originally written and submitted by StyphonUK

To be able to call targets efficiently you need to know what each enemy ship does.
Below I have the ships you encounter on a day-to-day basis as an FC. Memorize
what each one does and you’ll be able to determine which is the most dangerous
for any given circumstance. The ships are listed in alphabetical order for ease of

Sansha Shiptypes

Antem Neo [cruiser]: These ships are long range snipers. They sit up to 150Km away from
the fleet and do a moderate amount of DPS.They are cruiser sized and have high resistances, requiring roughly as much damage to kill as a Yulai Crus Cerebi.

Arnon Epithalamus [cruiser]: These ships are electronic warfare cruisers. Their closest
equivalent is recon ships. They jam and scram, making them very dangerous to the
logistics cap chain. They also put out some DPS.

Auga Hypophysis [cruiser]: They scram and web as well as providing quite a lot of DPS but are fairly easy to kill, making them a good choice of target.

Deltole Tegmentum [battleship]: They fire Banshee Torpedo’s, doing an average amount of DPS. They also have medium neutralizers and scrams and target painters. They have an average tank.

Eystur Rhomben [frigate]: These ships are especially good at killing drones. They have an
average tank but fly exceedingly fast. They have a high DPS for a frigate.

Intaki Colliculus [battleship]: The ships are at the lower end of the Sansha’s ships for DPS and tank, firing cruise missiles. However they provide some logistics support to other
Sansha’s ships. One thing to note is their small signature radius, which falls roughly between a cruiser and battleship.

Mara Paleo [cruiser]: These ships fill a logistics role in the Sansha’s fleets. They have high
resistances and provide a small amount of reps to the enemy ships.

Niarja Myelen [frigate]: These ships are ewar frigates. They jam and neut, making them
exceedingly dangerous to Logistics cap chains. Luckily they don’t do any DPS and
they have virtually no tank.

Ostingele Tectums [battleship]: They put out the most DPS of any Sansha ship. They also have an above average tank, making them difficult to kill.

Outuni Mesen [battleship]: These ships are ewar battleships. They web, scram and neut heavily. They also put out a small amount of DPS and have an average tank. They
are highly dangerous to all ships and are often the primary target.

Renyn Meten [frigate]: These ships are at the bottom scale of the Sansha’s ships. They
provide very little DPS and have a small tank. The only thing of note is that they also web ships.

Romi Thalamus [cruiser]: These ships fill a middle of the road role in Sansha fleets.
They provide an average amount of DPS and have an average tank for a cruiser.
They are completely unremarkable.

Sansha’s Nation Commander [frigate]: These ships are command ships that boosts the
enemy fleet as well as scramming. It has a soft tank but puts out a lot of DPS.

Schmaeel Medulla [frigate]: These ships are tacklers. They web and scram whilst doing a small amount of DPS. They only have a small tank but they do go exceedingly fast,
meaning most ships will have to web them before being able to hit them.

Tama Cerebellum [frigate]: These ships are stealth bombers. They scram targets and fire
torpedoes, making them very dangerous. They have a soft tank but are often the
target of enemy remote reps.

Vylade Dien [cruiser]: These ships are command ships. They provide boosts to the entire enemy fleet whilst also having one of the highest resistances and tanks of the
Sansha’s ships. While the nature of the boost is still unclear, its thought that they increase Sansha resistances.

Yulai Crus Cerebi [battleship]: These ships are long range snipers. They orbit at up to
120Km away and do an above average amount of DPS. They have a reasonable
amount of tank but are otherwise unremarkable.

I’ve seen a lot of bad fleet commanders flying in incursions. Most people think that
just like missions you can read and follow the guides written by myself and fellow
FCs and you’ll be fine. Unfortunately with Incursions that’s simply just not the case.
Incursions have been compared to PVP quite a lot and it’s true, they are the closest
to PVP you can get whilst still PVE’ing in EVE. Another aspect that’s similar to PVP
is the way you FC the sites.

Although the guides are a good start there is no one way to FC a single site. There
are random triggers in some and it’s not going to hurt you too much if you stray a
little from the guide in others. They are only guides after all. But some FC’s are
becoming dependent on these guides and that’s dangerous.

Being a good FC isn’t about knowing how to run a site when everything is going
well. It’s about knowing what to do when things go wrong. You need to be able
to analyse the situation quickly, keep cool, and most importantly keep your fleet cool.
The first thing that will happen when something goes wrong is everyone will start
panicking and talking over coms. As an FC you need to take control, shut everyone
up and start calling targets in a cool, efficient manner. If you show confidence in
your abilities others will follow your lead.

With this guide I hope you can become a better FC. Full details of all known ship
statistics can be found here.

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Blitzing Quick Reference Sheet

Nation Commander Outpost

Kill any Niarjas.

No Niarjas? Kill any Tamas.

No Niarjas or Tamas? Kill anything else.

Ignore Renyn Metens.

Override Transfer Array

Kill Deltoles, focusing on one at a time.

Too much incoming dps? Kill Augas one at a time.

Ignore everything else including Tamas. They warp out once the site is complete.

Nation Mining Colony

Kill Romis, focusing on one at a time.

No Romi’s? Kill anything else.

Ignore Eystur Rhombens and Mara Paleos.

Don’t bother getting the ore. Instead, have a stack ready that you mined earlier.

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Basilisk Logistics 101

Editors note: This article was originally written and submitted by Tavarus Excavar.

Hello, I am Tavarus Excavar and I’m going to talk about Basilisk logistics ships in Incursions.

I have split this article into 2 sections. The first section is a brief explanation for Fleet Commanders and the 2nd section is for those who wish to become basilisk pilots.

This first section primarily focuses towards Fleet Commanders

Logistics are the backbone of any incursion fleet, armor or shield, it does not matter; if your logistics die the fleet dies with them. That has to be ingrained into your skulls. They are the most important ships in your fleet. It does not matter if you are some elite CEO of a mega alliance or if you are flying your 5-7 billion ISK Vindicator or
Nightmare; Logis are literally playing God. The Logi has the power to determine who lives and who dies.

For this reason, you need to choose your logis wisely. If you bring in a logi you are not familiar with, make sure to check their fitting. It does not have to be a rock your socks off tech 2 and faction fitted ship but at a minimum in needs 2 meta 4 energy transfer arrays and 4 meta 4 large shield transporters. If this is a logis first time in an incursion and/or fleet operations it is wise to recruit another logi to provide backup in case in case the new guy fucks up.

Take note that Scimitars are a different animal. Since they are built to be cap stable, they operate independently of the cap chains. Because of this when you’re forming a fleet if you have 1 Basilisk you have to get another since they can only exist in a fleet in a pair or

This second section primarily focuses on Basilisk pilots

First, make sure your overview is set up like this. I will be going over repair calls in a later section.

So you want to run Logistics?  Your most basic requirement to be able to run in an incursion fleet is to have Logistics to level 4 and use tech 2 shield extenders and hardeners. With logistics at this level, the bonuses on the Basilisk really starts to shine. You become cap stable with all your high slots active while receiving 2 large meta 4 energy transfer arrays. At logi 5 you will be cap stable with just a single large meta 4 energy transfer array on you. However, I must stress this: you fit to support your fleet. This is only a rough estimate, but in BTL Pub (the largest shield incursion channel) 85% of the basilisk pilots have Logistics to only level 4. This means most of the time you will be dedicating both of your energy transfer arrays to your logistics partner(s) and to no one else.


Ideally you will be training for this fit:

[Basilisk, Incursion Support]
Damage Control II
Power Diagnostic System II

Large Shield Extender II
Invulnerability Field II
Invulnerability Field II
10MN Afterburner II
Photon Scattering Field II

Large ‘Regard’ I Power Projector
Large ‘Regard’ I Power Projector
Large Shield Transporter II
Large Shield Transporter II
Large Shield Transporter II
Large Shield Transporter II

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Ancillary Current Router I

Light Shield Maintenance Bot I x5

This is a very CPU tight fit and will require some time to train into but is 100% cap stable when you receive 2 Large Meta 4 Energy Transfer Arrays at logistics level 4.

There is only 1 LSE since any more you’re not gaining anymore EHP because of the signature radius penalty. This is because your main tank is how small and hard to hit you are along with the speed from the afterburner. Some people like to, especially for mom sites, drop the afterburner for ECCM Gravimetric II.  Lows are pretty self explanatory: DCU saves lives and the PDS adds cap and energy grid and shields.

For a beginners fit you can consider:

[Basilisk, Incursion Support Beginner]
Damage Control II
Power Diagnostic System II

Large Shield Extender II
Invulnerability Field II
Invulnerability Field II
10MN Afterburner II
Photon Scattering Field II

Large ‘Regard’ I Power Projector
Large ‘Regard’ I Power Projector
Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter
Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter
Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter
Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell I

Light Shield Maintenance Bot I x5


First and foremost is watch list discipline. The top spots in the watch list are
reserved for your cap chain partner(s) then below that are your fellow logistics and then bellow them you put your assigned anchor. If you still have free slots available feel free to fill them up with weaker ships.

The exception here is if you running in a vanguard fleet. A vanguard usually has 10 or 11, pilots counting yourself. In this case just make sure you have cap chain partners partner(s) at the top, your anchor following and fill the rest with the remainder of the fleet.

Next is calling for reps. To signal you need reps you broadcast “Need Shield”. When you are no longer in need of reps make sure you broadcast “In Position”. This lets you and your fellow Logis know they can move on to someone else. By broadcast I do not mean yell it over voice comms or chat. I mean use the fleet broadcast system. See the link for details on broadcasts.

Logistics chain/channel

Some sites require more than 3 basilisks so for these you will make a group
chat for all the basilisks in the fleet. This will determine who transfer energy to whom. In this chat you will find your name and you then do what is called “1 up 1 down”. Your” 1 up” is the person immediately above you in chat and your “1 down” is the person immediately below you. This requires the chat participants to be sorted alphabetically. In addition, if you have shield drones trained you typically tell your drones to rep your “1 down”.

Vanguards have been dubbed the most profitable type of site to run and there is rarely a case where great demands are made of logi pilots. This makes it an excellent atmosphere to train newer logi pilots what it means and how to run incursions. Since you will likely have everyone on the watch list in a Vanguard it is often unnecessary to use broadcasts as damage notifications are flashed to the watch list allowing you to get reps on a fleet mate nearly instantly. In a Vanguard you will want to orbit your anchor at around
5km with your afterburner on. In a Vanguard you will not have more than 3 logistics ships so setting up a cap chain/channel is not necessary.

Assault, Headquarters and Mothership sites will require more than 3 basilisks so here a cap chain will be necessary. In any of these fleets there are a lot more than 10 members so broadcasts become critical and you must pay attention to them.

In the Headquarters/Mom you will may have over a dozen logistics ships Because of the amount of people and the puppeteering of the site for this it necessary to appoint a logi commander. This done to help keep the FC concentrated on coordinating his combat ships. This person is responsible for the coordination and actions of all logistics ships. The logi commander is usually the most experienced logi in that group. In these sites unless it is urgent enough for a “check check” (say “check check” to instantly take comms – use only for important info) your logi commander will be your primary voice to the FC and in turn the FC will coordinate with your logi commander.

Handling Cap Requests

Face it: those combat ships are capacitor whores and they often assume, wrongly, that the logis can provide all their cap requirements should the need arise. There are only 2 situations where logis can provide cap to those outside the chain.

The first is certain sites where there is a large break mid site so the logis can top everyone off For example, between gates in the True Power Provisional Headquarters.

The second involves the presence of a person at Logistics Level 5. Remember when I said those with logistics 5 only need 1 large meta 4 energy transfer array on them? Here is what happens to that 2nd array they would normally get. First, you determine who has logi 5 in the cap chain. Then you determine who will be able to take 1 of their energy transfers off the logi 5 pilot without disrupting the cap chain. The person who can take 1 energy transfer off the logi 5 pilot will keep both on the logi 5 pilot until a cap request is made. Then that person will take 1 and only 1 Energy transfer array off the logi 5 pilot and put it on the requestor. The requestor will use “In Position” to end the transfer. Following that, the energy transfer array goes straight back onto the level 5 logi and the chain continues as before.


Besides those already mentioned, here is a few supplementary skills you should get:

  • Multi Tasking: Get this to the point where you can target 10 ships. Really helps if shit hits the fan
  • Evasive Maneuvering 3: GTFO Dodge faster what more is there to say?
  • Thermodynamics 3-5: This is for when things Get FUBARed. And no I do not mean fubar27. FUBAR is an acronym for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. You do this to overload your high slots in order to get increased repair capability for a short time, typically in order to save someone on the edge of exploding. You can overload for longer with higher levels of thermodynamics.
  • Cybernetics 5: Apart from getting you through your queue faster, it will allow you to use some high-grade logi implants.

I have uploaded EFT fittings for the 2 basilisk set ups here as well as a skill plan for EVEMon covering the bare minimum needed for the non beginner fit in this article. You can find both of them here.

This concludes Basilisk Logistics 101.

Fly safe and good hunting my rivals,


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