Escalation Incursion Changes

Hey folks. Friendly heads up in case you don’t read the news:

Vanguard and assaults will not the the same after Escalation

For your convenience, here are the patch notes directly related to incursions (emphasis mine):

Vanguard and Assault Sites have been revamped with the following changes:

    NPCs have been grouped into waves and groups have been randomized; this will prevent blitzing and increase the random element within the sites.
    Spawn triggers moved from individual NPCs to the group as a whole.
    Lowered the rewards from Vanguard sites by 10%.

It is also possible that other unlisted changes will be made.

Please take care while running incursions of any size immediately after Escalation is released. CCP have of course never failed to deliver high-quality bug-free content, but just in case do keep half an eye on the screen which isn’t playing cartoons about ponies.

Thanks to the generosity of many pilots, BTL will as always be covering all logistics losses* in HQ sites, and will be temporarily paying up to 100m to any other ships lost in HQ sites on a trial basis. Please ask your HQ FC for more information.

Thank you for your time,


Full patchnotes can be found here.

*unless you were an idiot

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