BTL Pub Winter Celebration

To clarify – T1 cruiser refers to the hull only – T2 mods are fine and frankly a good idea.

Hey folks.

As you might have heard, BTL Pub is running a PvP event to celebrate [christmas][hanukah][winter solstice][new year][1000 members][delete as appropriate].

What’s happening

tl;dr – kill the ops, then kill everything and win a PLEX

A fleet of channel operators will be flying around a lowsec system. Your job is simple – kick the shit out of them. They’ll be fighting back of course, and they’ll be bringing some heavy firepower to make things interesting. There’s also a special secret twist – but we aren’t going to reveal that just yet 😛

That’s right – you get to kill the channel ops! And you’ll even get prizes for it!

Once the channel ops are sitting in pods amongst tangled wreckage, it’s every man for himself in a free-for-all fight to the death. The only rule is no warping off grid. The last pilot standing wins the Grand Prize.

Points Mean…….Prizes!

BTL is offering a full set of T3 BC’s for the occasion. Winners of the following get to pick a T3 BC from the set (in order):

1. Most kills
2. Most damage on the operators
3. Most damage on the flagship
4. Final blow on the flagship

The last man standing after the free-for-all wins the Grand Prize – a PLEX!

The Details

When: 30th December 21.00 EVE time (not 22:00, as advertised previously)
Where: Mandoo (9-10 jumps from Amarr).
Bring: Any T1 PvP fitted cruiser. Note that t1 =/= faction. To clarify – T1 cruiser refers to the hull only – T2 mods are fine and frankly a good idea.
Fitting restrictions: No ECM, neuts or sensor dampeners, including drones. We don’t want the ops don’t die TOO quickly xD
Prizes available: 4xT3 BC and a PLEX.

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4 Responses to BTL Pub Winter Celebration

  1. Leeloo Alizee says:

    Dont like it
    In PvP i prefere to be tackler, and as tackler i cant do much DPS, and only DPS counts for win.
    We all love logis, but in this action they are totaly ignored.

  2. sollitdude says:

    a pvp tournament in low sec….

    i can already see the pirates polishing their carriers

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