Message From the Editor

Hey folks, Hardin here.

I’d like to give a quick update on what’s going on with the website and what might happen over the next few weeks.

I’ve been working on shifting the website to fit better with modern incursion running – blitzing rather than just completing. To do this, there’s now three new articles dedicated to blitzing which you can find on their own page as well as on the right hand bar.

While I update all our articles as we work out new and better ways to run sites, articles that I feel need a little touching up include the three vanguard articles (to fit better with blitzing) and the basilisk guide. I’ve also cleaned out all of the articles which related to BTL rather than incursion sites: while this has been a very convenient place to put them, it’s time for a cleanup and I’m trying to get away from politics. The only exception is my own resignation, which I’ll leave up for the moment.

I’ll also be adding a new article which aims to give people as much of the information from Incursions 101 as possible while being quick, concise and to the point. There may also be an article on flying Guardians up in a few days time.

If you like the website, please give us a friendly bump on the shiny new forums to spread the word.

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1 Response to Message From the Editor

  1. Tavarus Excavar says:

    Ya i have been meaning to revisit the guide almost since i submitted it to you. problem is time college has started up again but when i get a quite moment i’ll give it an overhaul.

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