A Resignation of Sorts

tl;dr I’m stepping down from running BTL (which despite some of the rhetoric is basically what I was doing).

There’s two main reasons.

  • Real life, as usual. This is the big one. Eve in general, and BTL to be specific, take more time than I should be giving, and that’s a mistake that I’ll regret if it keeps going. There’s stuff that I haven’t been managing to get done that I should have. I’m doing it wrong.
  • Quit while I’m ahead. There’s a saying that there is old pilots, and there is bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots. I think the same is true in leadership. BTL is wildly successful, and if I’m going to cash my chips then this is as good a time as any.

A brief history of me and BTL

I was there when BTL Pub was formed so very long ago, and I had channel operator from the beginning. The other channel ops were mostly busy with BTL Alliance, and I gradually became responsible to the eventual alliance leader for maintaining the public channel while they focused on other things.

I kicked off BTL into growing as fast as possible, because I saw that the way to win motherships was not with the best ships but with the fastest formup. At the time, TDF was invite only still and we rapidly caught up and overtook them on numbers. We began winning more motherships, and each mothership we won we used as a recruitment opportunity to continue that growth.

Me, Lord Galrton (TDF founder) and Ammzi established the first agreement – we took advantage of a glitch that made the mom unkillable for a few hours and ran with it, telling people they should avoid killing the mom until CCP have fixed it (although we knew they already had).

I almost tore the channel apart when I took us out of the agreement, and it hurt to be hated so much by the people you are trying to help. Luckily, the gamble paid off and it turned out to be one of the most successful things we ever did.

I lost channel op at one point, and the support I received was quite touching. Thankfully it got restored once that public opinion was realized.

Myself, StyphonUK (and the rest of the fearless bears) and Ammzi brought pvp to BTL, with great support from Green Pimp and in particular Princess Haruka. We’ve been to lowsec incursion 4 times with up to 60 people, roamed a good portion of the lowsec in the game, got hotdropped twice and got welped more times than I can count. And enjoyed every second of it xD

Here we are half a year later, with just under a thousand accounts using the BTL group at peak times, winning pretty much every contested mom (TDF hardly even bother any more). We even killed a lowsec mothership, much to the rage of goons (props HTIDRaver, you beat me to it by two days, well played xD) I really love this community and I’m very proud of what we’ve built together.

Who Next

This isn’t a dynasty, I’m not gonna tell you who’s taking over next! I’ve passed the reimbursement fund to Phattecia (I don’t have sticky fingers) but don’t take that as me picking him next, he’s just the least likely to take it and run xD

Now what?

This isn’t goodbye, not really. I’ve plexed my account for about a year and though I haven’t decided if I’m going to play or not, I’ll be on to change skills and catch up. I just won’t be yelling at anyone any more xD As for BTL, I wish I could continue doing what I do, and working with all you guys, but I really can’t. I’ve got no doubt that such a great bunch of people will do just fine without me.

As Phatt would say,




For those who asked, I’m 17.

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43 Responses to A Resignation of Sorts

  1. Tony Smith says:

    It’ll be a great shame for you to leave. You’re by far one of the best FCs i’ve had the pleasure of flying with. Good luck in all your future pursuits, and i know i’m not the only one that will take great pleasure in flying with you again sometime.


  2. StyphonUK says:

    Thanks for everything, Hardin. You’ve been a good leader and we’ll be sorry to see you go. Understand your reasons though. Hope to fly with you often.

    All the best in RL and EVE,

  3. NovaJinx says:

    Great thanks for your hard work. I’ve never had any problems with your leadership, and I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for a whole lot of the Incursion community when I say that you have and always will enjoy our confidence and support. Hope we’ve got a bunch of young guns willing to take over now.

    Wait what, 17?

    *spits out imaginary coffee*

  4. xVx Dreadnaught says:

    Who would have believed one of the most mature members of the community would be one so young…

    Either way, you did a splendid job of building up the Channel and community in general. I think I speak for the overwhelming majority of incursion people when I say you’ll be missed. But real life does come first (mine is about to get a little hectic also)

    Here’s hoping this is all an elaborate ruse and you’ll be back with more of your long winded, well spoken rants… Thanks for trusting me enough to OP the BTL Armor, I’ll try and do my best to match your uccess with BTL pub.

  5. Sugar Ko says:

    o7. had some great time in ur fleets. best wishes.

  6. Stonie Bandit says:

    It was a pleasure in learning from you and supporting your desicions (good or bad)
    Even in this present time, young people make history.
    As far as I am concered you can add your name in the list of great leaders, like Alexander the Great and Joan of Arc .

  7. TalonKarrde84 says:

    Cue the community splintering – GEE THANKS HARDIN!

    Seriously though, having a single voice of authority is what changed us from an unorganized rabble into a community. I view the days ahead with dread.

    Best of luck out there man. Hope you decide real life is overrated again soon!

    • HardinSalvor says:

      Oh, I think there’s a few strong voices in BTL who now have more of a chance to show themselves…we’ll see what happens. I’ll be watching with interest from the crowd šŸ˜›

  8. Khuri says:

    ā™„ Hardin, you did an awesome job man. ā™„

  9. Melliar says:

    I returned EvE after an year of absence and after a couple of months I was on the verge of quiting again, and then I stumbled upon incursions.

    The second site I participated was a Mom fight lead by one HardinSalvor. A few weeks latter had found what I missed badly on EvE: a communitty, and a fantastic one.

    EvE completely opened up its potencial to me then, the last barrier in my scepticism was pvp, I was pretty much adverse to it but yet, again, Hardin managed to make it happen to me and I started enjoying what is the fulcral point of the game.

    Without you sir, I would probably be long gone from New Eden, thanks to you and your hard work , your enlightened leadership and your firm helmsman skills I found a community, a fantastic corp (Fearless Bears) and a way to enjoy a game that was still reluctant to open to me before I met you.

    You will be missed and i only hope that you have returned to you all that you made possible for us all: fantastic times and dozens of friends.

    Thank you so much Commander.


  10. Rock Mamba says:

    Always been a pleasure to fly in your fleets Hardin, and I think you’ll be sorely missed.
    I’m sure the monster BTL incusion communtiy you helped to create will continue to grow, and remember the effort you put into it.
    Good luck in the future, in RL and in EVE, and watch out for the big spiky things.

  11. Frank Pannon says:

    Though we only flew once together (lowsec roam), it has always been very clear to me what positive impact you had on the incursion community. Thank you for your longtime dedication! Can basically just repeat what has already been said before me, You Sir changed this slice of EVE in a good way!

  12. Pavelous says:

    Although I don’t hang around BTL much anymore, it’s where I got my start with incursions. It was basically a jump start… I learned so much, so fast from the community that was just starting to explode at that point (~200 people). I met so many great people and it paved the way for me to join my corp into the fearless bears and we’ve been having fun ever since. In a round about way I owe that all to you. Thanks Hardin, you’ve done a great job. Hopefully see you in fleet some time again soon.

  13. Marcus Grail says:

    I’ve not many words at the moment but wanted to say thank you for what you have done and great work on BTL and on the runs I’ve joined you in.

  14. Little Blackjack says:

    Sorry to hear you will step back. Congrats for the great work of leadership! You guided the people and formed a huge “corp”. The incursions corp. Including PvP of 60 members of different corps. All incursion runners have a home, the tree is diversifying but still growing. You placed the seed.

    So, looking forward to flaying with you again, all the best for your real life and no, I do not believe you are just 17.

    Cu out there!

    • HardinSalvor says:

      “All incursion runners have a home, the tree is diversifying but still growing. You placed the seed.”

      How very poetic, thank you šŸ™‚

      I may need to post a picture of me lol

  15. nzervoudis says:

    Thank you for this excellent job you’ve done at leading BTL Hardin, we’ve all benefitted from it immensely šŸ˜€
    Fly safe o7

    PS: 17?! :p

  16. Removal Tool. says:

    Posted with my real name and it disapppeared.

    Hardin, you will be sorely missed. All good things must come to an end in time. Thanks for the work you have put into the community, I’m sure nobody really knows the scale of what was needed by yourself for this.

    At 17 you have displayed some amazing organisational and leadership skills, I’m sure life has more amazing things ahead for you.

    Once again, thanks.

    • HardinSalvor says:

      Probably true that nobody knows quite how much went on, but its nice to be appreciated anyway šŸ™‚

      I hope that you’re right, unfortunately it may be a while until I find out – I don’t think I’m likely to get much opportunity to lead anything much for a while šŸ˜› We’ll see, fingers crossed.

  17. Marie Jay says:

    Good Luck in the future Hardin.
    You did a great job with BTL and as FC, thanks to you, a whole lot less people are ‘ Doing it wrong ‘.

    Marie Jay

  18. Kullen says:

    Hardin ty for creating all of this

  19. kranky says:

    Your greatness in fcing iis in the fact your not afraid to troll and hf once in a while imo and dont run when things goes tough in a game, just when you have to much going i think, but as long as you dream on how to anchor a LE we are good \o/

    if your 17 im 22 , so yea since i am i do believe you

    ā™„ Joda be good

  20. Adorania says:

    Hardin, your confidence, support, and guidance has helped me to become the FC i had hoped I could be, and your leadership over a community such as BTL PUB has made the game more enjoyable than just mining, mission running, and station spinning. I have made more friends and contacts in the last 4 months than i have in the last 2 years (enemies too :p ) and it’s all because of your initiative.

    Thank-you for everything you have brought to us as a community and to myself as a player

    p.s. One of these days I will join you on a low sec roam but for now i’m happy pissing off goons by popping their low sec moms…..lol

    Fly Safe always!

  21. JDJ says:

    yea, rite. 17. my ass. šŸ™‚

    that much dedication to BTL – anyhow rewarding the people/players/kills (*evil grin*) – must have had to end some day. I say you did it right šŸ™‚ am sure your legacy will live on.

    I don’t know what else to say that was not said before. maybe, maktub? šŸ™‚

    take care and maybe we’ll see each other soon? (muninn vs muninn? :P)

    thanks for all that patience towards n00bs and the dedication and all.


  22. Paranon says:

    Do I sense A/AS level resits? : ) Good luck with all your endeavours young man.

    Formed a community out of a rag tag fugitive fleet… be proud of yourself.

    Good luck.

  23. Goose69 says:

    Wow, for such a young guy, you seem to have acheived a lot and have so much focus to put positive energy into this game.

    Being well over twice your age, I know from life experience that these are qualities that serve a person well in life. Don’t lose that drive or focus and you will be a success in whatever lifepath you choose.

    Good luck my young friend, I wish you well



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