Vanguard Blitzing Specifics

Editors note: This was originally written and submitted by Ammzi

Override Transfer Array

The override transfer array used to be a big pain in the ass the first few months of incursions. After the fleets really began to become efficient and recently with the buff made by CCP of the OTA, these can be done in less than 4 min.

The strategy (must have 3 very trusted and efficient logistics with a heavy amount of DPS):

  • Warp the fleet in and primary the Deltole Tegmentum.
  • Tag 2 of the Tama Cerebellums that will spawn a short time afterwards and let the fleet lock them up and web them.
  • Once Deltole is down, kill the tamas and tag the Auga Hypophisis that have spawned 60-80 km away from the fleet.
  • Once the 2 Tamas and 2 Augas are down there is a 50-50 chance that a 3rd wave will spawn. If the 3rd wave does not spawn you will primary the Deltole.
  • When the 3rd wave spawns, primary the Deltole Tegmentum that has spawned together with the 3rd wave. Pop it and warp off.

As you can imagine, this strategy is risky because of the high amount of DPS you allow on the field. It is perfectly doable though. You can even let the primaries be Deltole->Deltole->Deltole and never primary any of the Augas – bringing the hostile DPS at almost a maximum.

Nation Mining Colony

Always have the ships in your fleet filled with lyavite so you can continue dropping ore without having to go pick more up or needing to mine. Depending on how quick your dedicated ore-runner is you can do this in 2 different ways.

1st strategy (if the ore dropper is slower than 900 m/s):

Warp in your fleet and let them all orbit an anchor while the anchor is slow-boating towards the Asteroid Colony where the cargo container will spawn.

  • If you have a few long range DPS, let them primary the Mara Paleo, if not ignore it.
  • The rest of the fleet will primary the Schmael Medula and afterwards the Romi Thalamus in a tagged order.
  • Once the 4th Romi pops, 2nd wave will spawn. Primaries are here only Niarjas and Tamas. At some point you will want your ore-dropper to position himself/herself at the Asteroid Colony.
  • Once the last Tama is dead the final wave will spawn. Full fleet primary are Niarjas, followed by the Romi Thalamus and then Tamas. Let short range DPS hit the Tamas while the Romi is getting closer.
  • Pop the Romi, drop the ore and warp off.

The reason you will want your fleet to follow the ore-dropper is because the risk of a spawn attacking the ore-dropper who will be 50-60 km away from the main fleet when he/she is in position, thereby totally eliminating the possibility for short range DPS to hit anything and slowing your fleet down.

2nd strategy (if the ore dropper is quicker than 900 m/s):

Here you can let your fleet stand still instead of moving. The primaries are still the same and the ore-dropper can run for the Asteroid Colony once the 3rd wave has arrived.

The difference between these two strategies is really the tracking of your pilots. It might be a bit worse when they are orbiting the anchor, and therefore making them follow/keep at range of the anchor might be better.

Nation Commander Outpost

This should not need much explanation. Primaries are prioritized from left to right.


And that’s it! I strongly suggest having dedicated webbers in fleet with bonuses to the range of the webifiers if your fleet is battleship heavy.

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6 Responses to Vanguard Blitzing Specifics

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  2. Michael Smith says:

    Fantastic information! Thanks again for the valuable resources you put together 🙂

  3. johnsmith says:

    you have to tell jokes or have the fleet play eve radio/ some other music so people are not bored

  4. toby says:

    to blitz the OTA u dont have to kill anything exept the final deltole shoot the first second spawns shoot second third spawns and then kill third

  5. jole says:

    Nice info,,,need to now how can i become fc?like this incursions but not many fc around ,,,but lots of ppl wanna do it,,,

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