Live Events 101

Editors note: live events are back! If you don’t know what a live event is, you need to read this right now.

This document may change frequently and without notice because CCP are gigantic trolls and change the way live events work constantly. It is intended for maximum distribution with emphasis on BTL Pub.

Live Events 101

What is a live event?

A live event is a spawn of sansha NPC’s controlled by a CCP Dev. They will appear from a wormhole and will last for at least one hour. They often appear and leave without warning. They are rare and extremely fun.

You may see coloured text in fleet and local – these are CCP Dev’s roleplaying as characters.

What do I bring?

Scimitar > Basilisk > Field Command Ships > T1 Battleships > T1 Battlecruisers

Turret ships > Missile and drone ships. These NPC’s are very weak and missiles may not have time to impact and apply damage before the target is destroyed. Missiles and drones may be focused onto the supercarrier – listen to your FC.

How do I fit?

Fit the same as for a mothership fleet.

What tactics will be used?

If you’ve been in a mothership fleet, you should be set for a live event.

  • Targets will be tagged. There may be multiple primaries – just pick one and shoot it.
  • 3 anchors will be used. One (DDD) will orbit at point blank from the hostiles, two (LLL) will maintain 25-50k seperation. If range allows, use LLL’s.
  • Turn brackets and effects off or you may experience significant lag.
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