Nation Commander Stronghold

Hey, I’m HardinSalvor. In this article, I’ll be giving detailed instructions and advice on how to complete the incursion assault site “Nation Commander Stronghold”.

The Planning Part


This site is the harder of the two working assault sites. 5 logistics at low influence or 6 logistics at high influence is recommended.


Battleships which can project damage onto smaller targets well are ideal for all assault sites. High damage, medium size ships like Field Command Ships  Tech 3’s and certain HAC’s are also very useful.While always useful, tackle is not particularly critical in this site so weaker battlecruisers like the Hurricane and Harbringer should not be ashamed to fit a tougher tank in place of target painters and stasis webifiers.

Damage vs Sniper

Similar to the rebirth, due to the high amount of sniper targets in the first wave a ratio of 1 sniper to 1 damage is recommended. Sniping Nightmares and Macherials should allow you to reduce the number of snipers required if available.


Since no traveling is required, any ship with a tough tank while stationary will be sufficient. Excellent anchors include Rattlesnakes and Navy Scorpions.

The Shooting Part

Please note. Some improvisation at the beginning of the wave may be required. You may find 2x Mara and 4x Yulai on warp in, or you may find the Arnons and Intakis or Antems missing. We are not yet sure what causes the starting variation. However, all sites contain precisily the same ships – they just may not all be present on warp in. Expect any missing ships to spawn either after a short delay (approx 10 seconds), on destruction of both Mara Paleos, or on destruction of both Intaki Colliculus.

Wave 1

Targets for full fleet

  1. 1 x Arnon Epithalamus

On destruction of the Arnon, targeting order follows.

Targets for damage ships

  1. 2 x Intaki Colliculus
  2. 2 x Mara Paleo
  3. 1 x Auga Hypophysis
  4. 2 x Ostingele Tectum
  5. 4 x Romi Thalamus

Targets for sniper ships

  1. 4 x Yulai Crus Cerebi
  2. 3 x Antem Neo

Targets for light drones

  1. 1 x Niarja Myelen
  2. 1 x Schmaeel Medulla
  3. 1 x Eystur Rhomben
  4. 2 x Renyn Meten

NB: Eve Survival is incorrect. In wave 1, the Yulai is not the trigger. The trigger appears to be the last rat killed. The Yulai, Antem, Romi and Eystur have all been observed to act as a trigger when they are the last ship on the field.

Wave 2

Targets for full fleet

  1. Named Commander Variant eg. SlaveEndoman01, Citizen Astur

The commander will die roughly as fast as a Deltole Tegmentum. On destruction of the commander, the site will be completed and the remaining hostiles will warp away.

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