Nation Rebirth Facility

Hey, I’m HardinSalvor. In this article, I’ll be giving detailed instructions and advice on how to complete the incursion headquarters site “Nation Rebirth Facility”.

The Planning Part


This site is typically run with a varying minimum between 8 logistics at low influence and 10 logistics at high influence.


Battleships should form the backbone of the fleet, as with all HQ sites. Nightmares and Machariels will excel in these sites. Tech 3 ships, faction cruisers and field command ships are also solid options for both tackle and medium size dps roles. HAC’s can also serve this purpose, but ships with low ehp like the Cerberus will need to be quick to broadcast.

Damage vs Sniper

Due to the varying structure of the hostile npc waves, versatility is key. A fleet composition that is typically used is 1:1 between snipers and damage. For this site, it’s particularly important damage ships fit target painters or stasis webifiers in order to allow the snipers to reduce lost dps during the waves low on sniper targets.


Any ship with a heavy tank should be sufficient. Excellent anchors include rattlesnakes and navy scorpions. The anchor should travel 50km away from the warp in point in any direction and hold position.

Special Requirements


The Shooting Part

Wave 1 Targeting Order

Targets for damage ships:

  1. Mara Paleo
  2. All Deltole Tegmentums
  3. All Ostingele Tectums
  4. Uitra Telen
  5. All Romi Thalamus
  6. Vylade Dien

Targets for light drones:

  1. All Schmaeel Medullas
  2. All Renyn Metens.

Wave 2 Targeting Order

Targets for damage ships:

  1. All Ostingele Tectums
  2. All Uitra Telens
  3. All Romi Thalamus

Targets for sniper ships:

  1. All Antem Neos
  2. 3 of 4 Yulai Crus Cerebi
  3. The 4th Yulai Crus Cerebi on destruction of all damage targets.

Targets for light drones:

  1. All Schmaeel Medullas
  2. All Tama Cerebellums

Wave 3

Targets for full fleet damage:

  1. All Mara Paleos

On destruction of the Mara Paleos, the following targeting order should be used.

Targets for sniper ships

  1. Vylade Dien
  2. All Antem Neos
  3. 3 of 4 Yulai Crus Cerebi
  4. Final Yulai Crus Cerebi on destruction of all damage targets

Targets for light drones:

  1. All Tama Cerebellums

NB: Romi Thalamus are not required to be killed in this wave.

Wave 4

Targets for full fleet damage

  1. Outuni Mesen
  2. Deltole Tegmentum
  3. Ostingele Tectum

Targets for light drones

  1. Eystur Rhomben

Please note: for wave 4 it is not required to kill any targets not listed above. At the time of writing, Eve Survival states the Romi Thalamus also need to be killed for site completion. This is incorrect. Kill the targets in the order stated and have the fleet align to a beacon or celestial and use fleet warp to bring the whole fleet out of the site upon completion.

To run the site faster if you are heavy on logistics, have an offgrid booster or just feel brave, ignore the Romi’s on the second and third waves. This then frees up the DPS to work on the sniper targets, reducing site completion times. Note that this is not as effective for the Romi’s on the first wave, since the sniper targets will be out of range.

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